Welcome to the official UK Hash House Harriers (H3) website. It’s been a toil setting up this website, practically from scratch, and it’s very much a work in process, so please be patient. The content of our website is very much evolving and as such if you think there should be something added, or changed, please get in contact – your thoughts and constructive comments will always be welcomed.

The Events page is back! Probably the most important area of the website, we’ve all missed the one-stop-shop and it’s hoped it will recover its reputation to be the ‘go-to’ page for all future UK events. Whilst the intent is to promote UK events, European and other World wide events will be included when the appropriate details are provided.

As far as the UK Directory page is concerned, it has been updated where details have been sent in, however much of the data is unfortunately out of date. It’s the best available and rather than nothing it is felt this provides a good starting point. Updates can be provided at any time via the usual email contact with the long term aim to make this process slicker and more automated. It will be a key objective for the 2023 Nash Hash GMs meeting to publicise our new website and to encourage entries to be reviewed, updated, or indeed confirmed to be correct.

Best wishes to all,


On On, Dishy Goolies