The UKH3 website, established in 1999, can trace its origins to the Bicester H3 website in January 1996 when Prof introduced a site with a geographical basis and a clickable UK image map. It was the first in the world to do so, but unfortunately this facility has been lost in hand-over and subsequently it falls on the current incumbent to find a solution – a work in progress.

There have so far been 9 UK On-Secs elected by the GMs at UK Nash Hashes:


Bear (Cambridge) 1981-1983

Tim Waller (East Grinstead) 1983-1985

Tim Walters (Surrey) ‘1985-1987

Sharky (Dorset Hospitality) 1987-1993

Adonis (Kennet & Avon) 1993-1995

[NOTE: Pathfinder (Sub-Sixty) was elected at Nash Hash ’93, but was inactive]

Sheepshagger (moutin’ Sheep) 1995-1999

Prof (Bicester) 1999-2009

Pampers (Scarborough) 2009-2016

Dishy Goolies (Truro) 2017-present


Robo (Cheltenham & Cotswold), editor of Hash Hack, was the first to publish a hard copy of the UKH3 Directory in 1991. Subsequently Robo or UK On-Sec published these approximately every 2 years but they were discontinued in 2001 when internet usage amongst hashes and hashers became the easiest way of obtaining current hash information. The Worldwide printed directory, however, continues to be produced by the Interhash hosts, be that in printed or DVD form.