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So, Where to Next Time ?

If you've never set a trail before and need to know how to go about it,
Click this link & read this page

If you're still up for it then choose where you would like to go for a hash, find an 'experienced' hasher, someone like Furry for example......
Ply the unsuspecting hasher with a responsible amount of alcohol to convince them they want to help you set a hash and let the Hare Razors know to book the date. Then leave it up to the 'experienced' hasher to do all the work, it's as easy as that !

SUNDAY Hashes meet at 1045 for 1100 start unless stated otherwise.
MONDAY Hashes meet at 1845 for 1900 start.

DOGS are welcome to bring their owners to hashes, but please keep them ON LEADS (we don't want hashers getting run over or chasing sheep)